Hog Hill – The Last Race of the Season

Five laps to go and the race comes alive, finally. As the laps tick down I keep myself hidden near the back. I wait and wait keen to only emerge at the right moment.

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Tour de France 2017

It’s a sad day. The Tour de France is “all but” finished. We must now face the sad reality of not having racing to watch all day, highlights in the evening and hours of articles to read. Before we enter these dark times I wanted to take the opportunity to look back at one of the best Tours of recent times with a slightly different set of award.

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Tour Series Croydon with Nuun Sigma Sport London RT

The rain is falling now, hard. The Bike Channel Canyon boss shelters under his umbrella. There’s a few minutes until the start and the tension mounts as teams make last minute preparations. The experienced John Herety cuts a relaxed figure amongst the chaos and the downpour. He intently watches his JLT Condor team which includes three time Olympic Gold Medallist Ed Clancy. Ned Boulting is filming his TV intro. The excitement builds. I’m in the pits watching on and the race is about to start

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