Fracture & Frustrations

Losing the function of one arm makes everything more difficult, basic tasks which once were a breeze became a huge struggle. Making meals, getting dressed and sleep were a daily challenge.

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Tour Series Croydon with Nuun Sigma Sport London RT

The rain is falling now, hard. The Bike Channel Canyon boss shelters under his umbrella. There’s a few minutes until the start and the tension mounts as teams make last minute preparations. The experienced John Herety cuts a relaxed figure amongst the chaos and the downpour. He intently watches his JLT Condor team which includes three time Olympic Gold Medallist Ed Clancy. Ned Boulting is filming his TV intro. The excitement builds. I’m in the pits watching on and the race is about to start

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Big Events Cat 4 Hillingdon

“Go! Go! GO!,” I scream at the two riders with me. We’re on our own, four and a half laps from the finish. Finally I was out ahead in a bike race. The Big Events Hillingdon Cat 4. I look round the bunch swarms in the distance. I look ahead and bury myself with a taste of glory, could I make it to the end?

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Westerley Spring Crits

I was exhausted, spent, cooked. I discovered new levels of physical pain and inner turmoil that I wasn’t even aware existed. My body was pushed beyond any previous limit. My cycling computer suggested 91 hours recovery, I wasn’t arguing.

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Hell of the North VIII : Rapha’s Paris Roubaix Tribute

Paris-Roubaix. The Queen of the Classics. A Sunday in Hell. The ‘Hell of the North’ is one of cycling’s hallowed monuments, a torturous one day race over numerous sectors of numbing cobbles and farm tracks concluding with two laps of the Roubaix velodrome. Rapha organises its own tribute ride, Hell of the North. Now in its eighth year it’s a bone-crunching ride through North London and Hertfordshire finest lanes, farm tracks and off road tracks. All to be completed on a road bike not necessarily designed for the terrain. Three hundred rides take part and for the second year in a row I was one of them.

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My First Race: CC Hackney Primavera Circuit Series

“He seemed amused to meet someone who would be riding his first race at the age of twenty nine” Tim Krabbé ‘The Rider’

At twenty-eight I’m standing at the side of Lee Valley Velopark road circuit. The purr of bikes on rollers and turbos echoes around me. The kids races are happening now and pushy parents shout support from the edge of the track. I’m nervously waiting to take part in my first bike race. The opener of the CC Hackney Primavera Series a category four criterium race.

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